All about Art Therapy


According to Mission Australia’s Youth Survey, mental disorders are the most prevalent in 18-24 year olds, and coping with stress is identified as the most concerning issue for young adults that causes mental health problems. There are many different ways of coping with stress, a simple Google search can tell you to manage your time, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and “stay positive”. But sometimes more action is needed and we must allocate “stress less” times that actively combat overwhelming stress.

Sometimes breathing exercises and meditation aren’t enough, we need something to do with our hands. Say hello to art therapy: A new place to turn when you want to get away from hectic life for a little bit. Art therapy works by taking the mind of issues and causes of stress, engaging in active meditation and gaining a sense of achievement from completed tasks.

There are so many activities that can qualify as art therapy: colouring in, sewing, pottery, painting, graphic designing, DIY décor and so many more! On InnerKid we are going to show you a few tutorials and show you why you should give art therapy a go.

Some of these activities remind us of what it was like to be a little kid, something most of us have forgotten by the age of 12. Preschool was some of the best years of our lives – all you did was play around and then have a nap in the afternoon! Life was a bit easier back then, and doing nostalgic activities can help us to “forget” about our worries for a little bit, give our brains a breather, and de-stress so we can tackle those worries when we get back. Performing activities that are considered reserved for children can connect us to child-like qualities such as innocence, forgiveness, hope, and lack of judgement.

So stay tuned to hear more about art therapy and how it can help you in your life!


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