Russell Brand doesn’t seem to like colouring books as much as we do…

Interesting opinion (as always) from Russell Brand on colouring books! We agree with a lot of what he has to say but we think he missed out on saying that it’s very important to have time to yourself. Using art to actively meditate is just one of the ways you can relax and reconnect, he mentions a few in the video such as gardening or praying. There is no way you can solve your problems by buying things – as Russell says – but colouring books are just one of the ways to utilise art therapy. Instead of buying one, just start from scratch and draw a picture of what you did today, or print off some templates from the internet. We advocate self-care, not materialism, and reconnecting with your InnerKid doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. We are not encouraging you to neglect your adult responsibilities (which is impossible to do anyway) we are acknowledging that sometimes these responsibilities can take their toll. It’s not easy to recognise that you need time out, but if you maintain a couple of hours a week just for you, everything else will seem a little bit easier.

As for being childish and ignoring the world’s crises… The problems will still be there when you get back, you’ll just be able to deal with it a bit easier with the right mindset


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