How preschool has helped you in adult life


Reconnecting to activities that you did as a kid doesn’t just make you smile – it can actually be good for your brain and to refocus you on what’s important.

Running around in the rain or drawing in a colouring book might seem like unimportant, menial activities, but they can often enhance our wellbeing and reduce stress.

Often, the inner child in your brain is told to be quiet while you take care of the important things in life like bills and jobs and cleaning and assignments. This is good because otherwise how would we get things done, however, there is an essential part of our brain that craves creativity, fun and silliness.

Reconnecting with your inner child can give you the following benefits:

  • reduced judgement as children live judgement-free
  • creativity – this can also give you inspiration for work or university studies or creative solutions to your problems
  • playfulness
  • enhanced relationships when you’re silly together
  • forgiveness
  • empathy and compassion
  • openness and
  • reduced stress and the benefits that accompany it
  • fitness if you engage in physical activities


Qualities learned in preschool can also be helpful in modern workplaces. Skills like cooperation, empathy and flexibility are increasingly important in the workplace. Social skills are more important than ever with robots replacing task-based roles. But robots can’t pick up social queues! And they can’t adjust their behaviour by considering those around it. So having the social skills to interact and having a special “human touch” might just secure you your next role. These skills aren’t emphasised in high school and university when you are preparing for employment… They’re taught in preschool when you are preparing for society.

Associate professor of education and economics at Harvard University and author of a study on the growing importance of social skills, David Deming, said that preschool classrooms look a lot like the modern work world. Sharing and negotiating skills are highly important when everybody wants the green crayon.

Jobs that have been on the rise include either social skills or mathematical skills or both and jobs that have been declining require neither of these skills.



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