Keeping your brain happy during exams


With the HSC and final university exams looming, stress is high for students at the moment. But there are more important things – such as your health.

We already know that stress can make us sick and lose focus in daily life. But what about stress about study – how much stress is too much? And how do we cope with stress in a stressful time?

Stress becomes a problem when it eats away at your sense of wellbeing. It can disrupt your learning process and overwhelm you to the point where you can’t study.

Intense anxiety can be redirected into motivation but prevention is the most important aspect of managing stress. Incorporating stress relieving behaviours into everyday life BEFORE a stressful situation arises is the best way to ensure you don’t burn out when things get tough.

The problem with stress is that once it starts to be too much, it quickly worsens and being stressed can actually make you more stressed! Actively preventing stress is the best thing you can do but sometimes it gets a bit too much too quickly and you have to teach yourself stress relief in a stressful time, which is difficult.

One of the worst things about stress during exam time is that it feels like the end of the world: if you don’t pass these exams you will fail the course which means you fail your degree which means you fail life… WRONG. Exams are not more important than your mental health. Uni will be there forever, but being a healthy happy person is the top priority for every individual. The stress from exams can make you feel like you can’t cope, or that you can’t deal with anything else such family issues or relationships. The thing to keep in mind here is that you are not alone. Everyone in your class is freaking out about that huge essay due next week, even if they say they’re fine. It is a universal experience to be stressed over studies and there is an end point – it will be over at some point and you will get through it.

Check out ways to actively deal with stress on the blog or look up the ReachOut YouTube campaign about life after the HSC.


2 thoughts on “Keeping your brain happy during exams

  1. I remember the stress and anxiety I felt for stress the HSC and not knowing how to deal with it. I wish there were more articles or stories to tell us how to deal with stress at that time. I found that exercising really helped me through exam time, and it still does now. Keeping your active life is pretty important to keep your mind productive and free from being overwhelmed


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