Stuck for Ideas? Here’s 4 quick and easy ways to incorporate art therapy into your life

Yoga, meditation and therapy all aim towards mindfulness. It is an old principle found in Buddhism and other eastern philosophies promoting self-awareness and living mindfully in the present. Mindfulness focuses on the moment at hand, and enjoying that moment knowing you will never get it back. It gives you a sense of appreciation and wonder at life’s little moments.
Art therapy encourages mindfulness which leads to stress relief. Here are some ideas of what you can do for art therapy:

Press Flowers

Gather flowers that don’t have too many specks or bends and dry them with some paper towel (best to do on a sunny day). Place the flowers between two pieces of paper and lay them in between two heavy books. Put another book on top just to be sure and go back in about 10 days to see how they look!


Art Apps

Even though we’ve talked about spending too much time on a screen, if you have no other option or you want to do some art while you’re on the train, here are some good free apps to try:

  • Autodesk Sketchbook
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
  • Paper by Fifty Three
  • Tayasui Sketches


Old Fashioned Sketching

Pick up a pencil, put it to the paper. Don’t think about it too much


Old Fashioned Painting

Pick up a paintbrush, dip it into paint, apply to surface. Get creative with your surfaces! You can get some cheap paints but canvas’ can be expensive, especially if you just want to play around. Try using some wood or an old photo frame.


Don’t hold back! Just grab something and get creative. If all you have is a half-broken pencil and some scrap paper – start with that! It’s more important that you enjoy your time creating than to stress about making a masterpiece.


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